WCR - Wallpack Cylinder Round

WCRThe WCR is an architectural grade outdoor wall cylinder.  Available in LED 20W for the Down only version and LED 40W for the Up and Down version.

WCR Spec Sheet




WPR2 = Wallpack Rectangular 2

WPR2The WPR2 is an economical and compact security light available in LED 17W and 25W.

WPR2 Spec Sheet



CS12 - Canopy Square 12"

CS12The CS12 is a slim canopy / garage light which comes with an optional Occupany Sensor.  Available in LED 41W or 55W for comparable performance to HID 175 - 250W.

CS12 Spec Sheet


DD - Dusk to Dawn

DD Arm MountDD Wall Mount

The DD is a complete LED Dusk to Dawn lighting fixture package including energy saving LED's, arm mount and twist lock photocell. 

DD Spec Sheet

WOD - Wallpack Oval Dome

WOD with lensWOD without lens

The WOD is an architectural outdoor wallpack that can be used with or without the included lens.  Available in LED 16, 28, 35 and 45W for comparable performance to HID 50-150W.

WOD Spec Sheet